Back to my roots

Posted on 03 December 2015 by jose


My first job out o' college saw me workin' as a consultant fer Northrop Grumman, on a project fer another defense contractor. In June 2014, I returned t' that world with BlueMetal Architects as a consultin' Software Engineer in their nascent Open Source practice. Since then, I've become immersed in new an' interestin' technologies, surrounded by colleagues I respect immensely an' whose technical talents be impressive, t' say th' least.

Git tricks

Posted on 19 May 2014 by jose

I've been usin' Git at work exclusively fer a while now (like on Hackwater, we've finally moved off o' Subversion), an' I just want t' leave a note t' meself outlinin' some o' th' useful thin's I've come across.

Startin' with git config, I like t' enable color an' credentials (fer temporary passwordless Github auth). Also, with nearly 40 git repos, havin' a global ignore list is incredibly useful. I'm still tryin' t' decide on git aliases that I like; I'll maybe do another post when I've definitively come down on those.

Router-behind-router setup for a Uverse 2Wire 3801HGV

Posted on 27 March 2014 by jose

I'd recently been havin' problems stayin' connected t' me Uverse wireless router (a 2Wire 3801HGV residential gateway). And swab the deck! Frustrated by this an' th' fact that th' highest speed it could support were bein' 802.11g (a max o' 54 Mbps), an' given th' large amount o' wireless devices on me network, I decided t' sprin' fer an ASUS RT-N66U dual-ban' router. I dern't have too many devices that can go on th' 5 GHz ban' yet, but 'tis nice t' have fer th' future, an' in th' meantime, with me plan t' add a NAS t' th' network, havin' internal transfer speeds capped at 54 Mbps just won't do.

Goodbye, Google Reader; Hello, Tiny Tiny RSS!

Posted on 24 June 2013 by jose

With Google Reader's impending retirement, I found meself needin' t' find an alternative fer me RSS aggregation/readin' needs. I did a lot o' research an' tried a few web-based replacements (Feedly, Commafeed, Newsblur), but I found that th' heavy load o' other transitionin' users made those services slow t' update, especially when I could compare them t' me still-live Google Reader view.

Hackwater sunsetting Subversion in favor of Git

Posted on 06 January 2013 by jose

I've been workin' on movin' me personal code repository from Subversion t' Git, by Blackbeard's sword. My main guide fer this is John Albin Wilkins' article on converting a Subversion repository to Git. In it, he outlines th' steps he took t' convert a Subversion repo t' a bare git repository; he follows that article with another announcing a script that does all the heavy lifting for a user that has a number of SVN repos to convert.

I am the rat in the skinner box

Posted on 22 October 2012 by jose

I've been readin' a number o' articles recently concernin' games, their reward systems, an' addictive behavior. Some talk about classics like Everquest (Evercrack) or somewhat more recent games like World o' Warcraft, Dance the Hempen Jig Others discuss Facebook games like Farmville an' Mafia Wars. Today, I read an article by a game developer about extrinsic vs. intrinsic rewards in a game, and how putting in quests in their game nearly ruined it.

Following up on books

Posted on 27 August 2012 by jose

Six more books since last update, so I'm a bit behind me projected curve, we'll keel-haul ye, by Blackbeard's sword! I'm gettin' Richard Kadrey's latest Sandman Slim tomorrow, an' I've just started a book I acquired from me college roommate, but I've also got a nice list o' books (an' comics/graphic novels) I've culled from wanderin' through bookstores an' pillagin' me Wishlist that I hope t' acquire from th' library.

Read more books!

Posted on 25 May 2012 by jose


I love t' read. I also enjoyin' ownin' books, ye scurvey dog. As me shelves have filled up, however, I've come t' re-learn th' value o' havin' a library nearby, Ya swabbie, by Davy Jones' locker! Although I've been livin' in th' Alpharetta area fer a little while now, I ha'nae managed t' visit th' local library until late February, when I took me daughter an' we both acquired library cards.

Windows, printers, and firewalls

Posted on 11 April 2012 by jose

As a Linux geek, I dern't usually wrestle with Windows problems (but when I do, I prefer Windows 7); this week, I did a little bit o' system administration an' troubleshootin' at work, since I could physically manage th' machines in question. There's no doubt I need t' improve me phone support abilities, but since I were bein' available in person, I took advantage.

PAX East

Posted on 11 April 2012 by jose

I'm in Boston(-ish), workin' out o' me office fer a week after comin' up fer PAX East. I di'nae attend as many panels as I have in th' past, but made up fer it via vari'us adventures:

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