In which I finally get my server operational

Posted on 02 July 2004 by jose

Lots of exciting news: I've got a Gmail account! A good friend sent me an invite, so now I can take my new 1 GB Google account for a spin. More importantly, my Linux web server is operational, running Debian Sarge, Apache 2, and PHP 4. There won't be any real changes to this page, though, until I get a top-level domain and Dynamic DNS service. Until then, this page will continue to be hosted by Earthlink.

I upgraded the BIOS on my Linux box. I unfortunately couldn't just flash the upgrade into the ROM; I had to replace the actual chip. Still, the ability to have a large hard drive on there is worth the minor aggravation.

I'm using Javascript to mask my e-mail address from spammers and their pet robots; it's encoded and then wrapped in Javascript to make it hard for them to read, but still usable for anyone trying to send me mail.

Outstanding Issues

I put the move to XML aside in favor of getting the web server up and running. It proved surprisingly difficult to get Apache 2 and PHP to co-exist, although eventually I got that going. I also had trouble deciding on a Linux distribution. I really like Debian's apt-based package management system, but using Debian Sarge means a more unstable system than if I used Slackware, and Woody just doesn't cut it. I wish there was a distro that combined the stability of Slackware with Debian's package management system.

Now that the web server is running, I'll have to take a look at MySQL and see if I can start learning to use that. Or I could put that off for now and start work on the switchover to XML. Adding to the confusion is my trying to learn C++ at the same time. It seems like learning an IDE will take up the large majority of the time to do that; for some reason, KDevelop won't compile the template Hello World program it provides, and I'll probably have to spend some time in the documentation to figure out something so basic.

I've yet to get MySQL running on my web server. This was part of my long-term plan, but it's getting moved to the forefront now that I've got my server up and running. This means that my XML plans might be going on the back burner for a little while.

Once I start hosting my site, I plan on turning on virtual servers and running my RPG pages separately from my other pages; it seems to be the best solution, although it doesn't provide anything for the current hosting scheme.

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