Archive Navigation 1.1

Posted on 12 June 2005 by jose


Well, the new archive navigation is up. It's a little buggy, as I coded it in one long session, and there still things I want to add to it (like removing/blanking the navigation links when reaching the end of the database) and fix (like the #-of-entries selector in the form). I quickly slapped together the styles for the navigation and form that I want to return to and make more visually appealing. I'm also thinking of coming up with a recent entry index and possibly a calendar down a right hand column. And yes, RSS is coming. It shouldn't be difficult to do, I just haven't gotten around to it. I created some fake entries using the Lorem Ipsum generator, the CMS developer's best friend when you need test content quickly that looks like actual text. Plus, it's a nod to Jasper Fforde, one of my favorite authors. Which reminds me: I should really update my books page to reflect something of what I've read in, say, the past 3 years. All back-end and no content makes Jack a dull web site.

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