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Posted on 28 November 2005 by jose

Created November 27th, 2005
Updated December 16, 2005

I'm liking Wordpress quite a bit so far. I've acquired a theme I like (Meng Gao's Wuhan) and have started to modify it to suit my site. I've got quite a few bits to do still:

  • Modify the header image to reflect that this is Hackwater (probably by using GIMP to create a nicer version of the original logo I came up with) DONE
  • Add static pages
    • RPG pages navigation code DONE
    • The more-or-less defunct PHP5 + Apache 2.0 on Debian testing walkthrough DONE
    • My about pages
      • Books
      • Music
      • Benzene
      • Other interests
    • Resume DONE
    • Contact page DONE
    • Links? DONE
  • Edit the side bar to make these options available there as well DONE
  • Incorporate some of the connections reloaded theme's ideas that I like
  • Move the wordpress site up to the root level so that it is World viewable DONE
  • Tweak the theme's CSS file to make unordered lists look better on Firefox DONE
  • Fix the theme's IE CSS file; right now, the theme looks awful in IE more or less DONE

Some people backdate posts. I wanted to forward-date this one so that it's always first when I need to check my list of things to do for the Wordpress site migration, but apparently Wordpress doesn't like the future. It's not future-proof.

Tangent: Buzzword Bingo! Site migration. Future-proof. Synergy. Transparent. Ajax. Web 2.0. Bingo!

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