Back in Miami

Posted on 22 December 2005 by jose

I'm back home in Miami, having booted my parents' computer to Kubuntu to ssh into Hackwater (I'm lazy and don't want to install PuTTY). The default KDE browser, Konqueror, renders the Wordpress admin pages very poorly. I've also discovered that my site doesn't look too good on Konqueror or, on a Windows machine, at high resolution (1280x1024). The problem is that at home in Massachusetts, I can't get my resolution up that high for testing. But it looks like I've got some CSS hacking to do to get the site looking good.

Before leaving for Miami, I noticed a few more things to add to my TODO list: my poll's Ajax functionality is half-broken, showing the results page instantly, but without the very latest vote. It sounds like a loop or counting issue (i.e., 0 instead of 1 or vice versa). I also took a Wordpress plugin for contact forms in posts/pages and hijacked the code, pushing in my old Javascript trick for hiding my email address. I couldn't use the contact form because I don't have an SMTP server set up to relay remote mail, and while I can check the mail at the server, I'd rather receive email submissions at my regular mailbox. So I re-wrote what the contact form was supposed to display and kept the code as is otherwise.

This particular hack showed me that the PHP format filters for Wordpress need work: Wordpress frequently tries to insert paragraph tags where they're not wanted, or to close them when it thinks a paragraph ends. I went into the Wordpress code and changed some of the filters to include the script tag and the noscript tag just to get this to work, but a larger project for another day is to figure out some way to toggle an advanced editing mode, in which you write pure XHTML and Wordpress accepts it without changing it. Perhaps I can change back the code I changed and create a plugin that lets the user change between the user-friendly Wordpress default and the power user, whitespace ignoring XHTML mode.

In the meantime, I'm reduced to using a few ugly hacks involving html tags in Wordpress's MySQL tables. These will do for now, but they're really ugly from the standpoint of well-formed XHTML: closed tags without their preceding tags make me cringe, but it's the only way to trick Wordpress without making changes to its filtering (which is great most of the time. Just not when I want to do something clever using Javascript and XHTML).

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