Gah! June already?

Posted on 03 June 2006 by jose

Time sure flies when you're buried under an avalanche of work. I'm trying out a new theme for June, called Tiga. I think it's pretty good looking, for a theme, and I like how it organizes the different blog sections.

I've also begun creating a Wordpress Page Template, after deciding that allowing myself to write PHP right into posts/pages wouldn't be a good idea. The Page Template will be for my access map page, because the page itself needs to access a PHP script (which accesses a MySQL database), a bunch of JavaScripts, an XML file and some icons, and most of the code to do this would normally get stripped out of a post/page by Wordpress, as a security measure.

I researched various Wordpress plugins that work around the security measure and allow writing and execution of PHP right in the post, but eventually came to the conclusion that while that may be easier than writing the template, it is decidedly unsafe. I suppose anything that is designed to open a previously plugged security hole is probably not a good thing, if there is a better workaround. And there is: write the Page Template.

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