Home server down

Posted on 13 November 2006 by jose


So the Linux server I use to host hackwater.net from home is down. This is funny because I was discussing just such an occurrence with a co-worker, and when I got home, the server was dead. I suspect a faulty power supply. Or possibly an aged power supply, considering how old this server is. This means most of the little projects I had going on Pestilence (the actual server name) are on hold until I can bring it back up. First, I need to figure out the extent of the damage. I hope the motherboard and cards are OK, as replacing all of these makes no sense on a server this old. I can spend the money for new/cheap hardware and get something 10 times faster. Well, maybe not that fast. But I have options. Still, I'm kinda sad to see a machine I've had since 1997 reach its end of life...

So. TODO: Fix Pestilence.

Faster is always better. Otherwise, we'd have replaced you already.

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