Hackwater.net begins to stir from its long slumber

Posted on 05 February 2007 by jose

Wordpress 2.1 came out a couple of weeks ago, so I'll be installing that here soon. I just have to get my plugins and other custom crap out of the way so that I can put it back after installation.

In hackwater.net news, I finally installed the new case fan for the server, so it's back up, although it isn't hosting anything at the moment (or maybe it is, and I'm not saying? Security through obscurity!). I'm taking advantage of the downtime to tweak the Apache virtual hosts settings, to see if there's any advantage to using the Alias directive instead of symlinks, among other things. I haven't really felt any urgency in bringing hackwater.net back from its downtime, mostly since hackwater.com is up and I have a Debian laptop at work that has supplied my Linux fix.

Yesterday I acquired a case and motherboard, with CPU and some RAM. I don't even know if it'll pass POST, but seeing as the CPU is faster than my current server CPU, I might just play around with that next weekend and see if I have a brand new server hardware upgrade. It'll take a substantial amount of tweaking, plus I need to get more thumbscrews and assorted accessories to remount the motherboard. Perhaps I'll try it out unmounted to see if I can even get to the BIOS.

I was trying to locate the current server's auto-power-on feature in BIOS and discovered that it doesn't have one, which makes bringing the server back up after a power outage a pain. And considering that I was planning on managing the power on the server via an APC UPS, maybe going to such lengths (it's already on the UPS, but no UPS management software is installed) is best saved for after I've examined the new motherboard. With any luck, it will be a more modern design and have the features I need. Or at least be reflashable. My existing BIOS has been (physically!) upgraded to what I think is as far as I'm willing to go (i.e. pay for), I think, so it just barely supports large hard drives; the advanced power features are still not supported.

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