Is it wrong that I'm amused by this?

Posted on 04 September 2007 by jose

Every time I drive by this sign, I giggle a little bit. I don't know why...

Easy, there, doc, you don't have to use the whole fist...

In other news, the Wordpress to Drupal conversion got the content transferred, and it got the concept of categories established in the taxonomy, but it failed to attach any taxonomy terms to transferred content. I may have to do this by hand. Yuck. I'm keeping the old Wordpress blog for archival purposes, and hope to add other past sites as I go along.

Things to do:

  • Get the IE PNG transparency hack working in Drupal (check my Wordpress installation to see how I worked that one out)
  • Get my Google map back
  • Do some basic themework, like adding calendar widgets, my old polls and blog links, the header, &c.
  • Link to my fixed resume
  • Add more content: specifically, I'm thinking of adding a recurring feature highlighting one or more of the feeds I subscribe to (very narcissistic, I know)

In your case: no.

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