How I spent my Saturday morning

Posted on 28 October 2007 by jose

I carved my first pumpkin today. I liked pretending that I was a mad neurosurgeon bent on lobotomizing by scooping out the brains. Pumpkin guts are gross. Anyway, with most of the cool patterns already spoken for (I wanted to observe others before diving into my first pumpkin carve), I looked around and quickly settled on Tux, the Linux mascot. This makes me happy.

Click on the pictures below for larger versions; the third picture, while dramatic, does not have a large version.

tuxkin001_0.png tuxkin002_0.png


OMG so cute! I'm very proud of your willingness to get dirty and your carving prowess. How lucky that you have such dextrous hands.

Now THAT is a cool pumpkin... But you had to light a < gasp >candle< / gasp >!

What an awesome pumpkin.

Thanks! Too bad the Mac version would have been too easy...

Cute! And eerie!

Awesome Tux pumpkin. I made a goatse pumpkin.(not really)

A picture of the pumpkin

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