Flavor of the month

Posted on 14 December 2007 by jose

I think Silversun Pickups is my new flavor of the month (last month it was Feist). I'd been hearing about them on various blogs I read, and after the umpteenth Wil Wheaton name-drop, regarding how Lazy Eye should be on the Rock Band set list, I decided to check them out. Thanks to YouTube, I heard the song while watching the video, and thought, "eh. A bit Smashing Pumpkins. Not bad. Let's check out the rest of their stuff, see if it's better." And it was. My favorite song: Little Lover's So Polite, followed closely by Waste It On, All the Go Inbetweens, Booksmart Devil, and Creation Lake.

Speaking of Wheaton, his latest book is pretty good. Too short. But like they say, always leave them wanting more.

It is interesting that you mention them, as I have recently been listening to their music and a number of other bands similar to them. Archive is another band I just started listening to. Their album 'Lights' provides a really cool background noise for working to, I think.

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