Google Web Server Access Map

Posted on 22 June 2006 by jose

I hacked this together using Ricardo Galli's access map code and modifying it heavily for use on my site. The biggest modification was the upgrade to Google Maps API version 2, which created some minor issues with incompatibilities solved after a careful reading of the new API documentation. This is a map indicating the locations from which this site is being accessed by its visitors.

TODO: Use Drupal's PHP input format to insert map here!! (and don't forget to add it to the primary links)

So far, my international contingent includes Germany, Japan, Canada, China, the Netherlands, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Norway, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, Poland, Slovakia, Monaco, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Andorra, Serbia And Montenegro, Costa Rica, Ireland, Lithuania, Bahamas, Iran, Mexico, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, Denmark, Mauritius, Finland, Pakistan, Somalia, Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, Israel, and Turkey.

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