Has it really been a month?

Posted on 05 October 2007 by jose

So after a month o' playin' aroun' in th' Drupal back end, themin' an' addin' modules, I'm back t' creatin' content. I've decided t' get rid o' th' hierarchy that still need t' get a nice camera t' aid in th' chow adventures feature, an' who knows, Avast me hearties! It may lead t' some other
picture posts. I've been lookin' at th' Lightbox module, fer example.., me Jolly Roger Imagine a Lightbox block with a randomly generated thumbnail. It could be pretty slick.

Staring down the Bazooka

Posted on 30 September 2007 by jose

I've been heavily using Drupal for a couple months now, and I've finally absorbed enough to start troubleshooting the various migration issues that occurred when I went from Wordpress to what I'm playfully referring to as The Bazooka (because there's just so much you can do, and so many modules if you can't do something; it's amazing, and as I originally assessed years ago when I wanted a blogging platform, almost too powerful. Almost).

Adventures in cooking, part 4

Posted on 05 September 2007 by jose

I have a nasty cold. I hate having a cold. The endless nosedrip, the loud, annoying sneezes (a family characteristic I'm sure my co-workers are overjoyed to be experiencing), coupled with the new and exciting pain behind my right ear, which I can only assume is related (it started right before my cold)... Well, all this makes me rather cranky tonight. I'm even considering taking cold medicine (I've taken Advil for the behind-the-ear pain, as it was messing with my balance and making turning my head, a required motion in safe driving, quite difficult).

Is it wrong that I'm amused by this?

Posted on 04 September 2007 by jose

Every time I drive by this sign, I giggle a little bit. I don't know why...

Easy, there, doc, you don't have to use the whole fist...

In other news,

Viewing Drupal from home

Posted on 30 August 2007 by jose


After a long, hard day at work hackin' on Drupal, I like t' come home, relax... an' hack on Drupal, with a chest full of booty. I've created a view fer me existin' articles so as t' create a dynamic landin' page fer same. I'm pleased with th' results so far.

Adventures in cooking, part 3

Posted on 29 August 2007 by jose

I've been playing with my crappy cell phone camera, because I've realized a cheap, easy way of adding content is by having a huge photo followed by a tiny blurb.

Wherein I start with a beef steak, some chicken breasts, and some peppers (red, green, yellow), and end up with a savory stew:
Just throw a bunch of stuff into a frying pan and see what happens
I'm calling it the Madman, as it fits well thematically with my ground beef Fiasco (not pictured) (yet).

Adventures in cooking, part 2

Posted on 29 August 2007 by jose

I'm a fan o' honey mustard dressin'/sauce. The sharks will eat well tonight! I like it in salads, but I love it fer dippin' breaded bits o' cooked chicken. For some reason, despite all th' advantages afforded me (read: th' Internet), I no nay ne'er bothered findin' out how t' make honey mustard. I instead experimented with existin' honey mustard dressin's, attemptin' t' add vari'us thin's t' them t' adjust th' flavor t' me preferences.

Now with new map content

Posted on 29 August 2007 by jose


Bill, husban' o' th' aforementioned awesomest librarian Colleen, matches his lady in awesomeness: today he gifted me with a copperplate engravin' o' a map o' Bavaria. Although difficult, because th' map is circa 17th century, I were bein' able t' locate Munich, Eichstätt, an' Ingolstadt. This needs t' be framed an' hung on me walls ASAP. The sharks will eat well tonight! To re-iterate: Bill is awesome.

It's also a nice reminder that I need t' restore me Google map, after breakin' its functionality t' convert t' Drupal, feed the fishes Well done me.

Adventures in cooking, part 1

Posted on 27 August 2007 by jose

I dream o' culinary sophistication while settin' th' bar low... Tonight's dinner? And hoist the mainsail! A bag o' popcorn.

Feed Readers/Aggregators

Posted on 12 August 2007 by jose

About a year or so ago, my friend Colleen, the most under-appreciated, bestest Librarian evar (it's okay, she doesn't read this, so she won't be embarrassed), convinced me to start using feed aggregators to handle my endless list of content I was trying to keep up with. I'd tried Sage, the Firefox aggregator/feed reader, and the entire exprience had left me hostile to the technology, but with her admonishment/recommendation in mind, I tried out Bloglines.

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