Git tricks

Posted on 19 May 2014 by jose

I've been usin' Git at work exclusively fer a while now (like on Hackwater, we've finally moved off o' Subversion), an' I just want t' leave a note t' meself outlinin' some o' th' useful thin's I've come across.

Startin' with git config, I like t' enable color an' credentials (fer temporary passwordless Github auth). Also, with nearly 40 git repos, havin' a global ignore list is incredibly useful. I'm still tryin' t' decide on git aliases that I like; I'll maybe do another post when I've definitively come down on those.

Drupal 6 maintenance mode missing head elements

Posted on 19 January 2012 by jose

Yesterday, I blacked out my site in protest of SOPA and PIPA. I figured th' easiest way t' do so were bein' t' create a quick custom theme just fer th' occasion, a minimalist theme inspired by BoingBoing's own SOPA Strike page, feed the fishes Further, I would switch me site t' its offline mode, which meant I had t' have a workin' maintenance page template.

I Dream of Android

Posted on 10 February 2011 by jose

In December o' 2009, I upgraded me phone. I went from a Razr t' a Cliq, which just happens t' be a smartphone runnin' Android 1.5. At th' time, it were bein' th' best T-Mobile/Android offerin' within me budget; I also took advantage o' their 0% financin'/installment payment plan, which is a fantastic deal. Interest-free, I'd pay them $20 a month until th' phone is paid off, and dinna spare the whip, Avast me hearties! With me particular plan, this option were bein' better than a 2-year contract an' its subsidized phone (I actually did th' math). This netted me an awesome Android phone runnin' Linux (yay!) with a neat slide-out keyboard.

Where have all my hackers gone?

Posted on 13 December 2007 by jose

Oh, Intarwebs! I di'nae mean t' abandon ye! Yaaarrrrr! I owe ye Puerto Rico pictures! And Thanksgivin' pictures! See, I've just been playin' with yer cousin o'er at rpg.hackwater.com, doin' some theme hackin'. In fact, this week has been me best programmin' week so far, solvin' problems an' applyin' fixes left an' right. After finishin' a medium project at work that had me doin' some cool Drupal hackin', I turned t' vari'us small issues in me queue that had been gettin' no play thanks t' me focus on th' larger project.

Staring down the Bazooka

Posted on 30 September 2007 by jose

I've been heavily using Drupal for a couple months now, and I've finally absorbed enough to start troubleshooting the various migration issues that occurred when I went from Wordpress to what I'm playfully referring to as The Bazooka (because there's just so much you can do, and so many modules if you can't do something; it's amazing, and as I originally assessed years ago when I wanted a blogging platform, almost too powerful. Almost).

Mapper Template

Posted on 07 June 2006 by jose

I created a Page Template for the Tiga theme I'm currently using. I'm calling it Mapper, because it's the hook that will load my Google map page once I upgrade to the new API. Basically, I copied Tiga's page.php file and added an include to the PHP file that will actually load the map.

More Map Tweaks

Posted on 24 February 2006 by jose

At first, it seemed my vainglorious attempt to list my international (web site) hits would be a disaster: the access map page was not part of the Wordpress structure, and editing it was not as easy as it could have been. More importantly, even though I could greet those visitors on my Wordpress pages, which would get pushed to the main Hackwater page, the XML file listing all my hits geographically was not the easiest to read, as I wasn't doing any filtering (all my US hits were crowding out the relatively few international ones).

Back in Miami

Posted on 22 December 2005 by jose

I'm back home in Miami, having booted my parents' computer to Kubuntu to ssh into Hackwater (I'm lazy and don't want to install PuTTY). The default KDE browser, Konqueror, renders the Wordpress admin pages very poorly. I've also discovered that my site doesn't look too good on Konqueror or, on a Windows machine, at high resolution (1280x1024). The problem is that at home in Massachusetts, I can't get my resolution up that high for testing. But it looks like I've got some CSS hacking to do to get the site looking good.

Now With More Sidebar!

Posted on 10 July 2005 by jose

I've done Yet Another Site Re-design. I've added a sidebar for easier entry navigation, which played around with the way CSS floats behaved in Firefox and IE. I believe I've got most of those bugs ironed out, but now the archive navigation needs a re-write. Right now, the code is pretty messy; I'd like to go through and refactor it all. I'm tempted to completely re-write it, as the sidebar adds an interesting wrinkle: right now, the sidebar is generated from the id and subject line of the latest 10 entries. But I'd like to see if I can reduce the number of times MySQL is accessed.

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