Drupal 6 maintenance mode missing head elements

Posted on 19 January 2012 by jose

Yesterday, I blacked out my site in protest of SOPA and PIPA. I figured th' easiest way t' do so were bein' t' create a quick custom theme just fer th' occasion, a minimalist theme inspired by BoingBoing's own SOPA Strike page, feed the fishes Further, I would switch me site t' its offline mode, which meant I had t' have a workin' maintenance page template.

Burying the lede: oh, by the way...

Posted on 08 April 2011 by jose

This isn't necessarily big news, or even new news, but 'tis important t' me: last June I became a Drupal module maintainer. I had previously submitted a couple o' patches t' one o' th' modules we use at work, an' after some time without any comment, I decided t' ask th' module maintainer about it, I'll warrant ye. The ornery cuss immediately offered me th' position, since he ha'nae been able t' give th' module th' attention it wanted, an', with trepidation, I accepted.

Drupal Sub-themes

Posted on 19 September 2009 by jose

Wow, time flies when ye're havin' fun. I ha'nae intended t' spend th' day playin' with Drupal, but th' incontrovertible fact is that 'tis almost ten already, so I have. The notion were bein' t' enable th' Pirate module (Arrrr!!!) an' then take care o' a couple o' security advisories that affected me installation, requirin' that I update Drupal core an' th' Date module. This ultimately ended up leadin' t' me creatin' a sub-theme fer th' Marinelli theme.

Drupal upgrade post-mortem

Posted on 27 March 2009 by jose

Cuttin' t' th' chase: It were bein' easy, if tedi'us.


Where have I been fer th' past few months? I wrote 50,000 words of a novel in November while maintainin' a full work schedule, we'll keel-haul ye! Most o' th' novel were bein' written after midnight; just thinkin' about th' process o' writin' it makes me feel tired. Work's kept me pretty busy with lots o' Drupal work. I've been flexin' me artistic muscles a bit, doin' some logo work fer meself an' fer maties. I've done some troubleshootin' on websites; last week I helped fix th' theme o'er at th' Panthers BBS me matey Eric runs. Prepare to be boarded, and a bottle of rum! And three weeks ago, I upgraded t' Drupal 6.

Has it really been a month?

Posted on 05 October 2007 by jose

So after a month o' playin' aroun' in th' Drupal back end, themin' an' addin' modules, I'm back t' creatin' content. I've decided t' get rid o' th' hierarchy that still need t' get a nice camera t' aid in th' chow adventures feature, an' who knows, Avast me hearties! It may lead t' some other
picture posts. I've been lookin' at th' Lightbox module, fer example.., me Jolly Roger Imagine a Lightbox block with a randomly generated thumbnail. It could be pretty slick.

Mapper Template

Posted on 07 June 2006 by jose

I created a Page Template for the Tiga theme I'm currently using. I'm calling it Mapper, because it's the hook that will load my Google map page once I upgrade to the new API. Basically, I copied Tiga's page.php file and added an include to the PHP file that will actually load the map.

Gah! June already?

Posted on 03 June 2006 by jose

Time sure flies when you're buried under an avalanche of work. I'm trying out a new theme for June, called Tiga. I think it's pretty good looking, for a theme, and I like how it organizes the different blog sections.

Not so quick update

Posted on 08 February 2006 by jose

I finally got website hits from below the equator (hello, Kiwis and Aussies!) and also got hits from Korea and Norway. Greetings all. I guess this means I need to update the map page. I think it's really cool that I can use Google Maps to get a vague idea of where my visitors come from, even the indexing spiders. (I realize that, which does my IP to geographic coordinate conversions is not the most accurate in the world, but I have to assume that it can at least get countries correctly.

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