It's been such a long time

Posted on 09 February 2011 by jose

I think I should be bloggin'. Aye. Time hasn't waited fer me; 'tis been almost a year an' a half. But first, I must apologize t' Tom Scholz.

Big changes in me life, yo ho, ho Over th' next few days, I hope t' update on these changes, Avast me hearties, feed the fishes To wit: I'm now livin' in Alpharetta, GA, on a dead man's chest, ya bilge rat! I accomplished this in two moves. The first move were bein' from Boston t' temporary lodgin's in Roswell, GA, ya bilge rat! Now I'm settled into a nice little home office in a condo (with a garage!) in Alpharetta. Still tryin' t' adjust t' livin' down here; th' weather, ironically, has helped, as it has been colder than normal, which fer me equates t' just plain normal.

Flavor of the month

Posted on 14 December 2007 by jose

I think Silversun Pickups is me new flavor o' th' month (last month it were bein' Feist), I'll warrant ye. I'd been hearin' about them on vari'us blogs I read, an' after th' umpteenth Wil Wheaton name-drop, regardin' how Lazy Eye should be on th' Rock Ban' set list, I decided t' check them out, All Hands Hoay! Thanks t' YouTube, I heard th' song while watchin' th' video, an' thought, "eh. A bit Smashin' Pumpkins. Walk the plank! Not bad. Let's check out th' rest o' their stuff, see if 'tis better." And it were bein'. My favorite song: Little Lover's So Polite, followed closely by Waste It On, All th' Go Inbetweens, Booksmart Devil, an' Creation Lake.

Speakin' o' Wheaton, his latest book is pretty good, with a chest full of booty. Too short. But like they say, always leave them wantin' more.

Notes and observations (musical coda)

Posted on 17 October 2007 by jose

No water, I don't care how pure the source is claimed to be, tastes better than that first glass of cold, fresh water after diving in salt water. As long as it's cold and clean, it's like tasting paradise.

Wikipedia. Is there anything it doesn't know?

Musical weekend, part 3

Posted on 08 October 2007 by jose

So how do ye follow Coulton an' Beethoven on a Sunday afternoon? Uh, Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit? Ahoy! Well, that's what I ended up doin', anyway, by Blackbeard's sword. I won a game I had no business winnin', and a bucket o' chum. That, or I know an appallin' amount o' Pop Culture trivia. Amusingly, th' Music category were bein' me nemesis throughout th' game, an' were bein' th' last piece I collected before headin' fer th' center fer th' win. Appropriately enough, th' final question were bein' in th' Music category, but I finally got an easy one, wherein an album cover (heh) were bein' described that could only be a Rollin' Stones cover. Rollin' Stones FTW!

Musical weekend, part 2

Posted on 08 October 2007 by jose

How do ye follow Coulton/Paul an' Storm? With Barber an' Beethoven, o' course! Oho! Saturday night, I went with me matey Jon t' Jordan Hall, where th' Longwood Symphony Orchestra were bein' playin' Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Ya swabbie, All Hands Hoay! Openin' fer Beethoven were bein' Samuel Barber, with his Night Flight tone poem (th' title o' which puts me in mind o' Hopper's Nighthawks). Okay, Barber weren't physically thar, but ye get th' notion. I had a great time at this concert. I'd no nay ne'er heard th' 9th live, an' 'tis one o' me favorite symphonies; I keep me one recordin' o' it, th' George Solti/Chicago Symphony Orchestra recordin', on me desk at th' office so that 'tis available whenever I need it.

Musical weekend, part 1

Posted on 07 October 2007 by jose

I went t' a fantastic Jonathan Coulton show Friday night at Johnny D's in Davis Square. Load the cannons, feed the fishes I got me shipmate Neil t' come out fer this, despite th' late startin' time an' th' fact that he lives just south o' th' North Pole or thereabouts. While waitin' fer Neil outside th' venue (venue? I'm so pretenti'us...), I ran into a lubber by th' name o' Dave that I met at a filk circle a few months ago. So th' three o' us went in an' tried t' find somewhere t' stan', as all th' tables were full.

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