Goodbye, Google Reader; Hello, Tiny Tiny RSS!

Posted on 24 June 2013 by jose

With Google Reader's impending retirement, I found meself needin' t' find an alternative fer me RSS aggregation/readin' needs. I did a lot o' research an' tried a few web-based replacements (Feedly, Commafeed, Newsblur), but I found that th' heavy load o' other transitionin' users made those services slow t' update, especially when I could compare them t' me still-live Google Reader view.

Windows, printers, and firewalls

Posted on 11 April 2012 by jose

As a Linux geek, I dern't usually wrestle with Windows problems (but when I do, I prefer Windows 7); this week, I did a little bit o' system administration an' troubleshootin' at work, since I could physically manage th' machines in question. There's no doubt I need t' improve me phone support abilities, but since I were bein' available in person, I took advantage.

A Linux laptop was inevitable

Posted on 13 February 2011 by jose

A month after gettin' me Android phone, I bought me first laptop. Personal laptop, that is; I've had laptops fer work, an' I've found them t' be highly convenient when travelin' or noveling, so I finally decided t' get one o' me own. More momentously, after years o' runnin' Windows on me personal machines but Linux on me work machines, I decided I were bein' ready t' make th' jump t' a Linux-only environment, meanin' th' new laptop would have t' run Linux.

I Dream of Android

Posted on 10 February 2011 by jose

In December o' 2009, I upgraded me phone. I went from a Razr t' a Cliq, which just happens t' be a smartphone runnin' Android 1.5. At th' time, it were bein' th' best T-Mobile/Android offerin' within me budget; I also took advantage o' their 0% financin'/installment payment plan, which is a fantastic deal. Interest-free, I'd pay them $20 a month until th' phone is paid off, and dinna spare the whip, Avast me hearties! With me particular plan, this option were bein' better than a 2-year contract an' its subsidized phone (I actually did th' math). This netted me an awesome Android phone runnin' Linux (yay!) with a neat slide-out keyboard.

How I spent my Saturday morning

Posted on 28 October 2007 by jose

I carved me first pumpkin today. I liked pretendin' that I were bein' a mad neurosurgeon bent on lobotomizin' by scoopin' out th' brains. Pumpkin guts be gross. Anyway, with most o' th' cool patterns already spoken fer (I wanted t' observe others before divin' into me first pumpkin carve), I looked aroun' an' quickly settled on Tux, th' Linux mascot. This makes me happy.

Click on th' pictures below fer larger versions; th' third picture, while dramatic, does not have a large version.

tuxkin001_0.png tuxkin002_0.png


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