Following up on books

Posted on 27 August 2012 by jose

Six more books since last update, so I'm a bit behind me projected curve, we'll keel-haul ye, by Blackbeard's sword! I'm gettin' Richard Kadrey's latest Sandman Slim tomorrow, an' I've just started a book I acquired from me college roommate, but I've also got a nice list o' books (an' comics/graphic novels) I've culled from wanderin' through bookstores an' pillagin' me Wishlist that I hope t' acquire from th' library.

Oktoberfest Media

Posted on 12 October 2008 by jose

Over at The Quagmire, Eric writes that he's picked up, among other things, a new Terry Pratchett book. As it turns out, I picked up Pratchett's sequel t' Goin' Postal afore today after I enjoyed a delici'us Sandrine's creme brulee at their booth in Harvard Square, which were bein' turned into a mini-fair t' celebrate Oktoberfest.

Playing around with Shelfari

Posted on 03 November 2007 by jose

In theory, this should drop a bookcase view of some of the books on my shelf:

ETA: It doesn't really work. I'd have to debug the Shelfari table CSS, which, lame. Instead, I'll use the text Shelfari widget, which also has the cool paging feature. At this point, though, I've got 215 books listed, so paging may take a while.

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